Gateway scheme

Finished Gateway Provided
Gateway PCBA solution
Gateway module + core board
Gateway module + SDK

Smart module

Transparent module

Standard ZHA/ZLL protocol

Ultra-low power solution

Ultra-small size solution

Zigbee/NB/Bluetooth mesh, etc.

Finished peripherals integrated support

Peripheral PCBA solution provided

Peripheral smart module

Peripheral scheme

Shuncom offers

Self-developed software APP + smart gateway + wireless module, a variety of intelligent peripherals

Product integration, stable interface, port docking technology, can realize the interconnection of multiple manufacturers of smart home products.

● Cloud Platform/APP Access
● Privatization customization scheme
● Gateway and platform / APP docking
● Peripheral serial protocol interconnection

Cloud platform/APP customization

Smart Home Environment Monitoring

Smart Home Security Control System

Smart Home Control System


Package product
  • SZ05-L-PRO-2
  • SZ05-L-STD-2
  • SZ05-L-STD-3
  • SZ09-GW-03
  • SZ09-GW-02

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