Smart Home Control System Solution
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First, market demand analysis


With the advancement of society and the development of science and technology, people's pursuit of their own quality of life is also constantly improving. From the mid-20th century, the people expect "upstairs and downstairs, electric light telephone" to the present "mobile phone, air conditioner, washing machine" "People's pursuit of their own lives is gradually improved. By the beginning of the 21st century, especially in recent years, a new type of intelligent family concept has completely changed people's perception of family intelligence. It is smart home. Smart home is a residential platform, using integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, smart home-system design security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate home life related facilities, build efficient residential facilities and family schedule The transaction management system enhances home safety, convenience, comfort, and artistry, and realizes an environmentally friendly and energy-saving living environment.

Smart Home Control System Solution 

Second, the composition of the smart home system


Shuncom Zigbee Smart Home is divided into 8 major systems: gateway centralized control system, lighting control system, motor control system, intelligent home appliance management system, wireless environment monitoring system, intelligent remote control system, intelligent security monitoring system and scene management system. . The main solution for manufacturers is how to combine the eight systems around the smart home to make the whole system stable and efficient.

Smart Home Control System Solution 

(1) Gateway centralized control system


Gateway several control systems integrate all the subsystems of the smart home, powerful, is the total controller of the smart home, in the entire smart home eight systems, is the most important system.

Connected with the door machine of the villa to realize visual intercom and unlock the door;

Connected to an outdoor monitor to achieve peripheral video surveillance;

Interact with external information through the Internet and telephone network to realize remote control of the network and automatic alarm of GPRS.

Control lighting, household appliances, electric curtains, and home scene settings through a wireless network;

Through wiring and various detectors, monitor connection, to achieve home security, gas leak alarm, network remote monitoring.


System Components:

Hardware system: LCD screen, touch screen, main control board, Zigbee module, GPRS module, WiFi module, Bluetooth, module, 3G mobile phone, video phone.

Shuncom provide: USB coordinator (home gateway), Zigbee wireless module (can be embedded in each node)......


(2) Lighting control system


The lamp is an indispensable element in the family. In the traditional sense, a light-on-switch, or a switch of several lights has gradually failed to meet people's needs. It is hoped that there can be a unified switch controller that can be opened at any position. Save yourself time by arbitrarily igniting the lights you want to turn on. Of course, you can also dim control any one of the lights, adjust different light according to different environments. For example, when you enjoy the movie, the light can be automatically dimmed. When working, the light can be automatically adjusted to the best. Brightness, etc. The Zigbee lighting controller was born.


System Components:

Hardware equipment: 86 boxes of light control board (SCR board, MOS tube board, 0-10V board)

Shuncom provide: Zigbee wireless module, Zigbee single light controller, Zigbee lighting control board, Zigbee remote control...


(3) motor control system


Motors are often used in the home, such as automatic curtains, sun visors, automatic doors and windows, automatic sluices, automatic gas switches, etc. How to use one integrated operation system to use one integrated control system to drive each motor The combination of products is used, which is a problem. The emergence of Zigbee solved this problem in one fell swoop. The motor products with Zigbee nodes were unified and integrated into a motor control system, intelligent control, active reporting status, and intelligent management.


System Components:

Hardware equipment: 220V motor, motor control board

Shunzhou new push: Zigbee wireless module (can be embedded in each motor), Zigbee curtain controller, Zigbee door and window detector, Zigbee water gate controller, Zigbee water immersion detector, Zigbee gas monitor, Zigbee remote control...


(4) Intelligent appliance management system


With the improvement of the quality of people's lives, there are more and more home appliances in the family, but in the face of a large number of home appliances, management is a headache. How to open every household appliance at the right time to serve people has become the focus of attention of all major appliance manufacturers. For example, the air conditioner should be opened before the owner does not enter the door. The water heater should heat the water when the owner decides to bathe. The refrigerator can report the restorantto the owner when shopping. Zigbee has become the key technology to solve this problem. Using Zigbee node appliances, it reports the working status information in real time, and gives the owner the correct working status of the home appliance. Of course, the owner can also control by setting the working mode, such as 7:00. When the semi-ventilator is turned on and the water heater is turned on, the owner can take a hot bath when he gets up at 8 o'clock, or the owner just goes shopping on Saturday afternoon, then the refrigerator will report the stored food truthfully, and will not drop some when shopping. Things and so on.


System Components:

Hardware equipment: air conditioner, refrigerator, water heater, ventilator, TV, washing machine...

Shuncom provide: Zigbee wireless module (can be embedded in various home appliances), Zigbee remote control...


(5) Wireless environment monitoring system


People's lives are inseparable from the environment, and the quality of the environment directly affects people's lives. We can't rely entirely on the wide-ranging environmental report of weather forecasting. We need to monitor the small range of our own family. So how do we monitor it? The continuous introduction of sensors on the market has solved this problem for people. However, in the face of the renovated family, how can you bear to go to the big building? Wireless solves this problem for you. Various sensors embedded in Zigbee nodes provide you with a complete and real-time environmental test report through networking, which makes your life more enjoyable.


System Components:

Hardware equipment: light sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, carbon dioxide sensor, formaldehyde sensor, dust sensor...

Shuncom provide: Zigbee wireless module (can be embedded in each sensor), Zigbee wireless temperature and humidity detector, Zigbee wireless light detector, Zigbee wireless carbon dioxide monitor, Zigbee wireless dust detector...


(6) Intelligent remote control system


Maybe everyone is accustomed to the status quo of wearing a remote control for a home appliance. Maybe everyone is also worried about rummaging when looking for a remote control. In order to place the remote control, they have to open a separate drawer to face the N-cell dry battery. Confused, people can't help but ask, why is there an integrated remote? Thus, the Zigbee smart remote control came into being.


System Components:

Hardware equipment: TV, air conditioner, DVD, stereo, door and window switch, curtain switch, valve switch...

Shuncom provide: Zigbee wireless module (can be controlled by embedding each node), Zigbee turn infrared remote control board, Zigbee smart remote control, Zigbee light remote control, Zigbee home appliance remote control, Zigbee scene setting remote control.


(7) Intelligent security monitoring system


Home is the harbor of people's minds. Even if you wander around, there will be a small holy land in the heart, that is home! However, we can't guarantee that we are always at home. If the family enters a thief, leaks, has a fire, and has a relative visit, what should I do? How to do? The rise of wireless networks, especially the rise of Zigbee, has solved this problem for people, leaving people with no worries, even if they are far away from the horizon, they can get it.


System Components:

Hardware equipment: video intercom, doorbell, video surveillance, gas leak alarm, water leakage alarm, smoke alarm, infrared human body induction, microwave induction, door and window switch status detection alarm...

Shuncom provide: Zigbee wireless module (can realize network alarm by embedding each node), Zigbee wireless infrared intrusion detector, Zigbee magnetic switch controller, Zigbee wireless combustible gas detector, Zigbee gas alarm, Zigbee water Police, Zigbee emergency button...


Note: Some security devices need to be combined with 3G or other wireless methods.



(8) Scene Management System

Smart home, as its name suggests, is a service system that provides people with perfect, caring and humane. People often hope that when the owner leaves home, the TV, stereo, air conditioner, etc. in the house can be automatically turned off, and when the owner returns home, the air conditioner can be turned on preferentially, and the TV can immediately jump to the channel that the owner likes to watch. Burn it, and so on, and you can do this through the Zigbee scenario control system. It can realize the comprehensive setting management of lighting, electrical appliances and alarm systems in various modes such as at home, going home, resting, getting upand away from home.


System Components:

Software Equipment: Scenario Control System

Shuncom provide: Zigbee wireless module (network control can be realized by embedding each node), Zigbee scene controller.


Third, smart home performance requirements


1, the software is independent of the hardware

The communication protocols and methods of smart home appliances are varied and have not yet formed a relatively uniform standard. Intelligent systems must be able to shield these differences through relevant technical measures in order to achieve efficient construction of intelligent systems.


2, customizable

The customer facing the intelligent system is an individual, so the software platform of the intelligent system, especially the human-computer communication, must be highly customizable. The secondary developers can customize the intelligent appliance management and control platform with different personalization and style.


3, highly scalable

Since the demand for smart home appliances is different for each smart home, this requires that the intelligent control system can modularly combine various home appliances according to the needs of the family, and realize seamless cooperation between the intelligent system and the hardware.


4, many-to-many control

The intelligent system must be able to achieve the exact same control functions in any place, such as the same control functions in the living room and master bedroom.