Smart security solutions
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In recent years, there have been more and more incidents of fires, gas leaks, and babysitters in the home of news reports, but in fact these things can be completely avoided. Once you wait for something to happen, it is obviously not advisable, and it will bring irreparable losses and costs to the family. Therefore, family security is becoming more and more important.


How to improve and build home security? Shuncom has proposed a complete set of Zhijia security monitoring system solutions. The intelligent security monitoring system uses early detection of dangerous conditions through high-tech equipment to avoid accidents and minimize damage. Based on the actual situation, the use of smoke sensors, gas leak detectors, intelligent door magnetic sensors, etc. can effectively achieve early detection and early prevention of fire risks, gas leaks, and invasion by outsiders.

Smart security solution 

The main functions of intelligent security involve three aspects: monitoring, anti-theft and fire warning:


1, home monitoring

Commonly used devices are video intercom, smart camera, etc. The smart camera monitors the situation in the home in real time, and the user can view the changes at home anytime and anywhere through the mobile phone. In addition to remote viewing, the smart camera also has functions such as human motion detection alarm, two-way voice, multi-user sharing, infrared night vision, and high-definition playback.


2, fire warning

The main function of this type of equipment is fireproof and explosion-proof at home. The main equipments include smoke sensors, gas leak detectors, intelligent switches, etc. They will issue an alarm when smoke or flammable gas reaches a certain concentration, or automatically cut off the power supply to avoid The fire happens, not just what happens after the incident.


3, home security

Anti-theft devices mainly include human body activities and door and window switch sensing devices, such as infrared sensors, door magnetic sensors, smart door locks, etc. These devices can sense the entry of someone, the opening of doors and windows, and alarms, and promptly inductively. The abnormal situation is transmitted to the user's mobile phone for the purpose of protecting family and property. In particular, the intelligent door lock integrates convenience, security and interactivity, so you don't have to fear the thief or the key to lose, making your home safer.