Smart home environment monitoring system solution
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In recent years, formaldehyde in the house has caused carcinogenesis, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc., which all indicate the importance of indoor environmental health. Therefore, the concept of healthy home and smart home highlights its significance, and every family should pay enough attention. Strengthening the real-time monitoring and treatment of the environmental conditions of the home environment (including harmful gas content, air humidity, indoor temperature, smoke caused by fire, etc.) can provide people with a safe, healthy and comfortable living environment.


Shuncom Smart environment monitoring system is an indoor environment monitoring solution based on ZigBee wireless communication technology. The system mainly realizes real-time monitoring of indoor temperature, humidity, light intensity, flammable gas concentration, smoke concentration, dust, etc., and transmits relevant environmental data to the APP or PC end of the mobile phone, and realizes the automatic alarm function of the relevant index exceeding the standard. Master your home environment with a mobile phone remotely.


The main work of the system includes: automatic data acquisition, processing, index analysis and transmission, real-time display of indicator information on the LCD screen and remote monitoring webpage. When the temperature is too high, the smoke concentration and harmful gas concentration exceed the standard, the local sound is performed. The light alarm prompts and sends remote alarm information to the remote monitoring host.

Smart home environment monitoring system solution 

The intelligent environment monitoring system mainly includes three parts: the front-end information collecting end, the information processing center, and the remote monitoring end.


The front end mainly collects environmental related data through a series of sensor devices such as an illuminance sensor, a temperature and humidity sensor, a gas sensor, and a smoke sensor. Here, Shuncom is based on ZigBee wireless communication technology to independently design and produce sensors for temperature, humidity, smoke, carbon monoxide, etc. These sensors are distributed in different places in the home environment, collecting various environmental variable information and transmitting information to the wireless intelligent gateway. .


The information processing center is an indoor central control unit with AR4531 as the core processor. It is mainly responsible for receiving, processing, forwarding, local real-time display, abnormal alarm and remote transmission of alarm information. The remote monitoring terminal is the smart home remote monitoring host. The remote monitoring host displays the sensor data indicator on the remote monitoring page in real time after receiving the environmental information forwarded from the indoor center control machine; when receiving the remote alarm, the remote alarm is performed. Prompt and store the alarm information in the appropriate database.


The core of the smart home's home environment real-time monitoring and alarm system is the indoor center control machine. The indoor center control machine is mainly responsible for receiving, forwarding, and processing home environment information, and coordinating and controlling important equipment for normal operation of each module.


Therefore, the indoor central control machine mainly has the following functional modules: an indoor central control system initialization module, an environmental information capture module, an environmental information processing module, an environmental information real-time display processing module, an information abnormal sound alarm module, and an environmental information abnormal image display module.