SZ06 series wireless acquisition equipment

Product Description
SZ06 series wireless acquisition equipment

SZ06 series wireless acquisition equipment

First, product introduction

    Shuncom SZ06 series rail wireless acquisition equipment, using enhanced Zigbee wireless technology, integrated ZIGBEE-compliant RF transceiver and microprocessor, is a wireless data communication acquisition device that meets industry standard applications, and has a long communication distance. The advantages and characteristics of strong anti-interference ability and flexible networking; data acquisition and data transmission between multiple devices can be realized, and MESH-type mesh network structure can be grouped. The rail type housing is more suitable for industrial site requirements and is easy to install.

Second, product technical parameters



Main function of the product

Acquisition analog, high and low level acquisition, temperature acquisition high and low level output, analog output

Flexible combination

High and low level input, high and low level output, 4-20MA input, 0-5V input, temperature acquisition, etc. can be any combination of 2

Support wired communication

The RS485 interface can be used to transparently transmit data or upload the collected IO data.

Flexible collection method

Support timed active reporting or PC query

Powerful wireless

Optional ZigBee, WiFi, GPRS

Industrial design products

Industrial environment application equipment for use in complex environments

Technical Parameters

Radio frequency

ZIGBEE/WIFI: 2400-2485M 2.4G ISM free band

GPRS:850/900/1800/1900 MHz

IO function

High and low level acquisition, switching quantity acquisition, high and low level output, 4-20MA acquisition, 0-10V acquisition, 4-20MA output, 0-10V output, PT100 acquisition

Serial port rate

Baud rate 1200-115200 can be set

Data protocol

MODBUS RTU protocol

Input voltage

DC 5-24V

Data reporting

Support active reporting and command query



Operating temperature


Interface Type


Working humidity

10%~90% no condensation

Equipment antenna

Glue stick antenna, suction cup antenna, etc.

Special Instructions

The housing is not sealed. If you need special treatment such as waterproof, please communicate with sales.