SZ02 series zigbee digital transmission equipment

SZ02 series zigbee digital transmission equipment

Product Description


SZ02 series zigbee digital transmission equipment

First, product introduction

Shuncom SZ02 series Zigbee wireless serial communication equipment adopts enhanced Zigbee wireless technology, integrates ZIGBEE-compliant RF transceiver and microprocessor, and meets industry standard application wireless data communication equipment. It has long communication distance. The advantages and characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, flexible networking, etc.; wireless communication through ZIGBEE can realize transparent transmission and relay forwarding of data between one-to-multipoint or multi-point to multi-point. The rail type housing is more suitable for industrial site requirements and is easy to install.

Second, product performance

Specification model





Product Series

Interface Type

Transmission distance

Housing type




-D(Rail housing)

For example: model SZ02-RS232-2KM-D, indicating SZ02 series wireless data transmission equipment, 232 interface, open field transmission distance of 2000 meters, rail-type housing.

Performance characteristics

Powerful wireless

Central node, relay routing and terminal device functions

Flexible transmission mode

Broadcast transmission or destination address transmission mode optional

Long communication distance

Use 5DBI gain rod antenna, maximum line of sight transmission distance 2000 meters

Flexible node type

Central node, routing node, and terminal node can be set arbitrarily

Strong anti-interference ability

2.4G DSSS Spread Spectrum Technology

Strong networking ability

Star network, peer-to-peer network, chain network, mesh network

Flexible serial port application

Transparent mode or command format transmission, the highest baud rate is 115200

Large network capacity

16 channels are optional, 65535 network IDs can be set arbitrarily

Main function of the product

Inter-conversion of wired RS232/RS485/NET and wireless Zigbee, networking communication through Zigbee

Technical Parameters

Radio frequency

2400-2485M 2.4G ISM free frequency band

Network structure

Star, chain, peer, mesh (MESH)

Wireless rate

Fixed 250K

Network ID

65535 can be specified

Serial port rate

Baud rate 1200-115200 can be set

Node type

Central node, routing node, and terminal node can be set


DSSS direct sequence spread spectrum

Send mode

Transparent transfer or instruction format

Channel detection


Location information


Channel mode

16 channels (interval 5M), can specify or automatically select the best channel

Input voltage

RS232/RS485:DC 5-24V

NET:DC 9-24V  

Transmit power


SZ02-200 :3 dbm

Receiving sensitivity


SZ02-200 :-92dbm

Power consumption

0.5W(12V powered by)

Isolation voltage






Interface Type


Equipment antenna

Glue stick antenna, suction cup antenna, etc.

Special Instructions

The housing is not sealed. If you need to customize the waterproof function, please contact sales communication.