Zhongyuan Oilfield Sensor Monitoring Project
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Application scale: 6000 points

Project duration: 2017

Product model :SZ02-RS485-2KM-D Zigbee digital transmission equipment, SZ06 series Zigbee acquisition equipment, SZ11-03 ZIGBEE+4G gateway


Project Description:


In order to ensure the continuous normal oil recovery of the oilfield and prevent the sudden failure of the equipment to bring losses to the oilfield, real-time monitoring of the operation status of the oil production equipment, Zhongyuan Oilfield plans to upgrade the existing oil production equipment. Focus on detecting the parameters of the pumping point suspension point and the suspension point displacement.


project outcome:


Shuncom intelligently collects the data of each production well equipment through Zigbee-based serial wireless data transmission equipment/wireless acquisition equipment docking current sensor, pressure sensor, load sensor and displacement sensor to realize unified remote monitoring and management of multi-production well equipment. Greatly reduced operating costs and improved efficiency.