Dongguan Huancheng High Speed Lighting Single Light Control Project
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Application scale: 4800 sets


Project duration: 2015


Product model : SZ10-RIA street light controller, SZ10-GW-R4A centralized manager (smart gateway)


 Project Description:


In 2013, 4800 LED Street Light Intelligent Lighting System Reconstruction Project of Huancheng Road, Dongguan City;


The Ring Road Expressway is more than 60 kilometers long and has more than 4,800 LED street lights installed.


The street lamp intelligent management system has three functions, which can achieve energy-saving, practical, environmental protection and other effects.


project outcome :


1. Remotely switch and dim control all lamps in real time;


2. Real-time remote collection of temperature, current and other related data when all street lamps work;


3. the management page can clearly grasp the location of the abnormal street lights and the cause of the abnormality, greatly speeding up the maintenance speed and reducing the maintenance cost;


4. the system has an alarm function, any abnormal situation of a street lamp, the system will immediately alarm;


5. The system can realize time-sharing and stepless control to achieve secondary energy saving. The street lamp power can be adjusted according to road usage.