2015 Zhoushan Tour
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Qiyan Caves, Mingcha Temple, Jinsha Baths, Fishing Harbor Night Scene, unloading all the pressure of work, with the performance of the thriving joy, with a grateful heart, carrying laughter, started our Zhoucom boat trip in the morning. .

Zhujiajian, the most beautiful beach
The tired, six-hour drive swept away after seeing this beautiful beach, which was our seaside night.

After a short stay, we arrived at Nansha, the first stop of our trip. Nansha is a famous bathing beach in the Zhujiajian Scenic Area. It is also the host site of the Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival in China. Sands and sands of golden sand, gorgeous sandy beaches, or curved connections, or mutual reflection, are like a golden necklace embedded in Biboqingshan. Between the soft and delicate sandy, the beach is flat and the tide is smooth, with plenty of sunshine and suitable sea temperatures.

Nansha Scenic Spot

Small sand sculptures can be seen everywhere in the scenic spot

This is a good beach afternoon that belongs to friends, lovers, and partners. It's better to rest. The joy is to take a long way.

Children who don't have water can only frolic around the sea and pick up shells.

Of course there are these cute little sandals that you like most. You haven’t seen the small eyes of the cute little ducklings. People are going to get into the water...

Eat seafood and enjoy a feast

Putuoshan Heart in the center of Buddha, Buddha in the island center, island in the middle of the sea

The next morning, after breakfast, we went to our second stop: Putuo Mountain

Mount Putuo, mountains and seas, temples and cigarettes lingering, one-of-a-kind view of Haitian Buddha

Surrounded by the sea, the scenery is beautiful and the illusion is unique. It is hailed as "the first human clean place". Stones and trees, temples and cliffs, and the sound of the sound of Sanskrit, are full of the mystery of Buddhism. The trees on the island are lush, ancient and luxuriant, full of flowers and flowers, known as the "Botanical Garden of the Island."

Here, whether you believe in the Buddha or not, you can find a pure land of your heart. The complicated trifles are all thrown away and pray for the most common wish.

Putuo Mountain, the largest temple (former temple) Puji Temple

In front of the Pujeo Temple in Haiyin, the Buddha’s release pond, the fish are also particularly lively and spiritual.

Heart stone


Reluctant to go to Guanyin Academy, Guanyin refused to go this way. The height of the pavilion 200 temples, fish and dragons roll thousands of waves. Clouds and islands have not yet been green, and the Vatican wave is more. The first human clean earth, how to seek truth and rest.

Nanhai Guanyin “Thousands of places should pray for thousands of places, and the sea often makes people’s boat trips”