March 2017 employee birthday party
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There is always a special day every month. It is like a flower pot to be put on. It blooms for you on this day. On such a special day, it will give you a birthday party that belongs to you.
At 15 o'clock on the 27th, a birthday party organized by the Personnel Administration Department was held in our exhibition hall on schedule. Delicious snacks, a pleasant atmosphere, and songs accompanied by birthday greetings symbolized the resurrection of all things and the spring birthday cake opened. At the curtain, 11 new partners are also especially welcome to join the big family in Shunzhou. I hope you will work hard in the future and strive to become an official member.

Birthday Cake

"Photos of the birthday party"

President Chen made a speech
In order to make it easier for everyone to understand as soon as possible, during the birthday party, a "table tennis pass" game was held. Everyone was 10 people and they were all in a team. The game proceeded and the joy continued. Under the lights, they smiled and filled their faces. All are happy and happy. . . .

Cup "Transfer Table Tennis" game in progress

Xiao Jiang students game out punishment

After the game was over, a small surprise was planned. Li Huiyi of the R&D Department sang a "take me to you heart" to the partners of the birthday party. Everyone consciously surrounded a circle and spontaneously beat him with his beats. In the song...

Li Huiyi songs sing