August 2016 Employees Birthday Party
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Time flies, and in the season of late summer and early autumn, we welcome the August birthday of employees.
On the afternoon of the 24th, the August 2016 employee birthday party, organized by the Personnel Administration Department, was held as scheduled in the large conference room. At the birthday party, we not only prepared birthday cakes, but also prepared small snacks such as bread drinks for everyone to enjoy a relaxed and happy afternoon...

Birthday cakes and snacks

Happy birthday to you and happy birthday to you... Along with the cheerful birthday song, 7 "life stars" took office and gave speeches on birthdays.
CEO Chen Jianjiang said, “The people born at the end of August are all in Virgo. Virgo has strict requirements on itself. We must do our best no matter what we want. We hope everyone can also strictly demand for themselves and for the benefit of others. I will work hard tomorrow..."
The birthday is the mother's day of suffering. While we celebrate our birthday, we must also be grateful for the greatness of our mother.

August "Life Star" made a speech collection
Everyone sang a birthday song together and wished the seven “Happy Birthdays” a happy birthday, good health, and a prosperous career and life.

"Shou Xing" photo

"Shouxing" cut cakes, cakes

CEO Chen Jianjiang distributes cakes for employees

The success of the birthday party was not only the expansion of the material extension, but also the deepening of the spiritual connotation, reflecting the important position of employees in the company's balance. We also wish all the staff happy growth in this big family!
In this way, the August birthday party ended in everyone's laughter. Looking forward to September, to be continued...