Employees' Birthday Meeting in April 2017
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There are no fine wines but cakes; there are no flowers but there are blessings. Shuncom regularly holds a collective birthday party for its employees on monthly birthdays. This allows colleagues to feel the warmth of the family and the care of their colleagues and enhance their sense of belonging and collective cohesion.

On the afternoon of April 24, the Personnel Administration Department organized and organized the birthday party for the April birthday employees. A birthday cake with a theme of “Gold 3 Silver 4” was customized. It implies that every member of the extended family can “look at the money and make money” and the entire birthday will be lively and colorful, with rich and colorful contents, which will bring to the employees. Laughter and string surprises.

Manager speaks

Seeing the manager's smiling face pointing to the cake, it is affirming our idea (ha ha ha ha...). There are 4 birthday stars in this month, of which 2 of them are in the Shenzhen office and 1 is on a business trip in the field. We also sent warm birthday greetings via WeChat, which means that it is an honor to have a personal birthday party for Sheng Yike....

The essential game part of the birthday party began again. “You are better than I guess” to test everyone’s tacit understanding and imagination. Take a look at the various pictures in the picture below.

"You're better than I guess" game in progress

After the game was over, when the "Happy Birthday to You..." familiar and beautiful melody rang, the lights of the audience went out. Everyone put candles, candles, and sang birthday songs together. The birthday wished them their birthday wishes. In the end, everyone cut cakes and eat cakes together. The atmosphere at the scene was once again pushed to a climax, and laughter reverberated in the office.

In this poetic afternoon, with the rapid passage of time, the birthday party ended in perfection. At the end of the day, I wish all the longevity people a smooth career and livelihood with good prospects and good fortune. I look forward to May.
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