Thank you for your Thanksgiving
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On this hot day. The burning sun is like a big fireball, and it is roasted on the earth. The boat is a lush tree that shelters us from the sun and brings coolness.... To strengthen the building of corporate culture and increase the feelings and friendship among the employees, to create a common Harmonious and friendly, united and progressive team. It is a traditional culture of the company that the company holds a birthday party for its employees who have monthly birthdays every month.

On the afternoon of July 29, 2016, the July 2016 Employees' Birthday Meeting, organized by the Personnel Administration Department, will be held as scheduled in the large conference room.

The CEO of the company, Mr. Chen Jianjiang, failed to arrive at the venue and wished him a happy birthday, a smooth job and a happy family.

The birthday party hasn’t started showing half of the face yet
Happy birthday to you and happy birthday to you... With the familiar birthday song, the five "Shouxing Stars" took photos.

July "Shouxing" photo

Everyone joins together to sing a birthday song and wish five happy birthdays, good health, careers and lives to flourish.

Cao Yiqin leads birthday song

Cut cakes faster... Eat watermelon...

In this way, the July birthday party ended in everyone's laughter. Looking forward to August, to be continued...
Note: The list of "Shou Xing" in July: Xie Ziyi, Chen Mengyuan, Shi Pengpeng, Zheng Jialu, Lu Yijia.