The scene application ushered in a big outbreak, and the Shuncom smart "JuHe" gateway was successful again
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The scene of the "JuHe" Gateway launch conference last year is still vivid, and now, nearly a year has passed.

In the past year, the application of Shuncom intelligent scenes has exploded. Based on the support of the box-based gateway, a series of industrial application solutions such as smart public toilets, smart agriculture, smart convenience stores, smart energy consumption and smart charging piles have been launched.

In the latest smart public toilet project, according to statistics, the completed and being promoted public toilet renovation projects spanned over Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, the total number has exceeded 50, marking the smooth Zhou Intelligent has taken another step in the field of industrial application, ushered in a new breakthrough, and the box gateway has contributed.


"JuHe" Gateway is a multi-functional IoT gateway built by Shuncom Intelligent. It has rich interfaces and protocols (4-way WAN port, 232 serial port, 485 serial port, USB and 4-channel AD/IO interface, supporting transparent transmission, MODBUS). RTU to TCP, MQTT and other protocols), uplink optional NET/WIFI/4G network, downlink access to 485, Zigbee, LoRa and other wired/wireless peripherals, can adapt to various special and complex application scenarios, stable connection ,reliable.


"JuHe" Gateway Features


Shuncom intelligent cluster gateway supports remote debugging setting parameters, supports local data analysis and calculation, and can deploy policies locally on the gateway to support linkage, grouping and setting policies for connected devices. It also supports configuration and application parameter export or import, supports active polling function, and replaces the customer to send cumbersome instructions, which is stable and reliable.


"JuHe" Gateway Industry Application


As the core IoT product of Shuncom Intelligent, GCL Gateway has been widely used in various industry project applications. After one year of market inspection and verification of complex application scenarios, the Glue Gateway has demonstrated the quality of products that should be under high demand.


So, how exactly is a clustered gateway applied to industry scenarios?


Scene 1: Wisdom public toilet


The smart public toilet system is mainly composed of a one-button calling system, an environmental monitoring system, a platform management system, and a human flow detecting system. The system obtains the information of the idle state of the pit through the infrared of the human body; the information of the person is monitored by the external camera, thereby reasonably allocating personnel to clean the public toilet service and reducing the personnel cost; the environment collecting system, the temperature, humidity, and NH3/H2S of the entire public toilet The irritating gas is collected in real time, and the environmental data of the public toilet is obtained in real time.

The collected data is collected into the cloud platform through the clustering gateway, and intelligently analyzed, processed, and fed back to the public toilet display.


Scene 2: Smart charging pile


In view of the complicated structure of the charging pile, Shuncom uses a low-power zigbee (LoRa) wireless module embedded in the charging pile, and combines with the control system to collect the running data of current, voltage, power and electricity of the charging pile in real time. The downlink connection of the intelligent gateway is zigbee (LoRa) acquisition and transmission node, and the uplink connects the server and the terminal device through the WiFi/4G network. The collected real-time operation data of the charging pile is transparently transmitted to the terminal equipment platform through the clustering gateway, and the unified management of the large-scale charging pile is realized through the platform.


Scene 3: Smart Convenience Store


The entire IoT network includes shelves, refrigerators, oil pans, access control, cameras and other sensors (such as temperature sensors, current and voltage sensors, oil sensors, etc.), and sensors collect real-time currents from shelves, refrigerators, oil pans, etc. , voltage, temperature, oil quality and other related data, and finally upload data to the server and cloud platform through the Shuncom "JuHe" Gateway, intelligent analysis of the data obtained by the smart convenience store, can continuously optimize the management of the convenience store.


Scene 4: Smart Agriculture



 Application based on Zigbee/NB-IoT/LoRa and other wireless communication technologies, through the Shuncom intelligent cluster gateway and wireless connection equipment, equipped with corresponding sensors, such as air temperature and humidity sensor, CO2 concentration sensor, etc., real-time collection of air temperature and humidity, soil temperature Humidity, CO2 concentration, and environmental parameters such as illuminance and pH value automatically turn on, off, or remotely control the specified device. It can be processed at any time according to user needs, providing scientific basis for automatic monitoring of integrated ecological information of facilities agriculture, automatic control of environment and intelligent management.


Scene 5: Intelligent building energy monitoring


The system intelligently analyzes data such as water, gas, coal, oil and heat (cold) by collecting real-time data such as light controller, smoke sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, water pump valve, solenoid valve, electric meter, water meter and gas meter. And statistics, to show the consumption and consumption of various types of energy consumption to the management staff or the decision-making layer through intuitive data, and then find out the high energy-consuming points or unreasonable energy-consuming habits through refined management, effectively saving energy for users. Further energy-saving retrofits or equipment upgrades provide accurate data support.


Scene 6: Power environment  monitoring


Shuncom intelligent Power environment monitoring system solution can provide a complete set of IoT hardware solutions for computer room, communication base station, power distribution room, etc., involving air conditioning, UPS, battery monitoring, power detection, temperature and humidity monitoring, smoke, lighting control, infrared, Leakage detection, access control, closed-circuit monitoring, fire monitoring, etc., the data collected by the bottom layer is uploaded to the platform through the clustered IoT gateway to realize real-time monitoring and management.


Scene 7: Dust pollution monitoring


Shuncom intelligent dust pollution monitoring system integrates TSP, PM10, PM2.5, temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind speed, atmospheric pressure, rainfall and other environmental parameters, 24 hours a day online continuous monitoring, providing air quality data of the site around the clock. When the alarm value is exceeded, the monitoring device can be automatically started, which has multi-parameter, real-time and intelligent features.


Scene 8: Smart Special Container


The system mainly relies on zigbee (LoRa), 4G and other wireless technologies, based on the IoT gateway, wireless data transmission module, wireless acquisition module and other Internet of Things devices independently developed by Shuncom, and lighting fixtures, air conditioners, water/electric meters, cameras and other equipment. Networking, through the management platform to achieve unified and intelligent management of all devices in the network.


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