Shuncom intelligently launched NB-IOT intelligent smoke sense to help urban smart fire management
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With the development of emerging information technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet, traditional smoke alarms are mainly based on sound and light alarm products using batteries. The quality is uneven, and the installation location may not be on duty. It may not be known, and it is impossible to connect and interoperate. It is difficult to make a fire really effective. Under the impetus of the construction of national smart cities, intelligent fire protection has become an indispensable key link.


On October 10, 2017, the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security issued the "Guiding Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the Construction of "Smart Fire"", emphasizing "accelerating the construction of 'smart firefighting' and comprehensively promoting the in-depth integration of informationization and fire protection work" To realize the transformation from 'traditional fire protection' to 'modern fire protection'. And wisdom smoke is an important part of "smart fire protection".


Intelligent smoke has the characteristics of low power consumption, wide coverage, low cost and large connection. It is a smart fire alarm product that is very suitable for use in small places, old markets, residential buildings, school dormitories, ancient buildings and other places.


In May 2017, NB-IOT intelligent independent smoke alarm system has passed the national expert review organized by Yingtan City; in September, the system was implemented in Yingtan City, which greatly improved the perception of residents and improved the safety of life and property; At the same time, NB-IoT IoT intelligent independent smoke project provides strong IoT fire safety support for Xiamen BRIC meeting; in January 2018, Shenzhen Fire Enterprise and Shijiazhuang Qiaoxi District jointly launched “Smart Smoke” Engineering construction, the first to apply NB-IoT technology to urban fire alarms, providing 24-hour fire protection for Shijiazhuang City. The first batch of NB-IoT users has accumulated 6,000, and the overall project is expected to grow over 30,000.


In view of the huge prospects of the market, Shuncom Intelligent launched a stand-alone intelligent smoke sensor, embedded with a narrow-band Internet of Things NB-IoT communication module, with its own battery, using the characteristics of narrow-band IoT energy saving, the battery is generally available for 3-6 years It solves the problem of electricity and wiring. The application of the device makes full use of the four characteristics of high-capacity, high-coverage (penetration) capability, low power consumption and low cost of the narrow-band Internet of Things, and is expected to solve the "blind zone" of the original fire-fighting supervision such as "small-scale".


At the same time, 24 hours of continuous monitoring and control of the situation, in the event of a fire, the smoke detector will alarm, and trigger the peripheral alarm. And immediately upload the smoke location to the management platform. In addition, the smart city smoke system will inform the owners, property management personnel, community leaders and fire stations through the TTS voice call for the first time, fully mobilize the masses of the grassroots community, reduce the frequency of police out, and quickly form the fire prevention and control of technical defense + civil air defense. Together, the fire is controlled in the bud.


With the construction and development of “smart city”, intelligent smoke alarm products have entered people's lives, and the intelligent fire alarm system will also become the new outlet of “Internet of Things +”. The two-way inspection with the city management platform can locate the fire scene in real time. No matter where the fire occurs, the city management platform can receive the alarm information for the first time, dispatch the fire officers and soldiers to save in time, and greatly protect people's lives. Property security.