Smart toilet solution
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First, the industry background


In the past three years, the "toilet revolution", an action in the field of people's livelihood, has benefited hundreds of millions of Chinese nationals. In November 2017, Xi Da made important instructions on the effectiveness of the tourism system in promoting the toilet revolution. He pointed out that the toilet problem is not a small matter. It is an important aspect of urban and rural civilization construction. Not only the scenic spots and cities must be grasped, but also the rural areas must be grasped. This work should be promoted as a concrete work of the rural revitalization strategy. The block affects the quality of life of the masses. Shuncomresponds positively to help create a cleaner and more harmonious urban and rural environment. In view of this, the Shuncom wisdom public toilet Internet of Things solution was proposed.


Second, the demand for smart toilets


Public toilets are urban public service infrastructure, and public toilets are safe and clean and directly affect the comfort of the city. As a world power, the toilet revolution has set off a national upsurge. The first-tier cities in the north and the north have successively proposed smart public toilets, and the smart public toilets are the direction of the toilet revolutionary road.


People can clearly understand the distribution of male, female and third toilets through the electronic display on the external wall of the public toilet. The red light indicates that the public toilet is currently in use. A green light indicates that the public toilet is free. In this intuitive way, you can understand and determine which toilet seat is available. Each button in the public toilet is installed with a one-button emergency call button. When the user presses the call bell, the staff will rush to the toilet to provide assistance. The public toilet door is equipped with a digital display, which displays the actual situation of the toilet. It can also be used to place third-party advertisers and third-party vending machines.


People can use the APP or scan code small program three-step operation to know the occupancy of the toilet pits and the air status in real time. They can provide opinions and complaints for the dirty toilets in the toilets, and can find and correct them in time.

 Smart toilet solution

Third, Shuncom wisdom public toilet solution


Shuncom Smart Public Toilet Solution is based on wireless communication technologies such as Zigbee (LoRa), 4G, and WIFI. Through Shuncom intelligent gateway (boxed generation), wireless device (SZ02), wireless acquisition (SZ06) device wireless connection and control equipment, equipped with corresponding equipment, such as display screen, camera, temperature and humidity sensor, gas sensor, gas Data such as sensor one-button alarms are transmitted to the server or cloud platform to realize the management of smart public toilets and improve the comfort of people's urban life.


Fourth, the composition of the smart public toilet system

Smart toilet solution 

The smart public toilet system is mainly composed of a one-button calling system, an environmental monitoring system, a vending system, a platform management system, a human flow detecting system, a consulting advertising system, and an energy saving system. The systems complement each other to create a smart public toilet and complete the public toilet revolution.


Five, smart toilet solution


The smart public toilet system is mainly composed of four parts: the sensing layer, the transport layer, the application layer, and the terminal layer.

(1) sensing layer, including data acquisition equipment, temperature and humidity sensors, etc.;

(2) Transport layer, including ZIGBEE+4G or LoRa+4G gateway devices, Zigbee (LoRa) wireless connection devices, wireless transmission networks, etc.;

(3) The application layer is mainly a smart public toilet management platform, which is responsible for monitoring, managing and analyzing real-time data of the entire IoT system acquired by the sensing layer;

(4) Terminal layer refers to smart phones, ipads, computers, PCs, etc., which can obtain real-time operating data and fault alarm information of the devices in the system in time.

Smart toilet solution 

Sixth, smart public toilet system function


1. Platform management function

The data will be collected into the cloud platform through the Shunzhou intelligent cluster 1 generation intelligent gateway, and analyzed, processed, and fed back to the public toilet display, public toilet APP or public toilet scanning applet.

2, one-button alarm function

People in the toilet, such as physical discomfort or accidents, can call out the distress signal through a one-button alarm function.

3, automatic paper selling function

You can add a vending machine at the entrance of the public toilet to increase the income of the operator.

4, flow monitoring function

Human traffic is detected by the camera and uploaded to the server. Therefore, the personnel can be reasonably allocated to clean the public toilet service and reduce the personnel cost; the platform will inform the APP users in time to monitor the flow of the pits, and ease the pressure on the public toilets.

5, automatic door lock function

Infrared magnetism is added between each position. The human body is automatically locked by infrared sensing.

6, environmental monitoring function

The environmental collection system collects the temperature, humidity, and other irritating gases of the entire public toilet in real time. Upload to the server and then send the task to the maintenance staff. No abnormalities will be reported automatically at regular intervals and presented to administrators in the form of reports and icons.

7, multi-network intelligent switching backup function

If the network is abnormal or disconnected, the entire wireless network will automatically switch to the standby network WIFI or 4G to ensure that the overall network data works normally.

8, consulting advertising system

Sometimes public toilets generally have a large flow of people, and the public toilet infrastructure can be used to display third-party new media advertisements. One eases the waiting time of public toilets, and second increases the operator's income.

9, energy-saving system

Smart water meters are able to collect electricity and water usage throughout the toilet. And pass the data back to the server to monitor whether the toilet water consumption is too large and determine whether the equipment is faulty.