LoRa-based smart parking solution
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With the rapid development of China's economy, the urbanization process is developing rapidly, the number of urban car ownership is increasing exponentially year by year, and the road carrying capacity and parking capacity parking capacity are facing severe challenges, resulting in traffic congestion, parking difficulties, illegal parking, car disputes. The phenomenon is becoming more and more serious, and the work of urban road traffic command and parking management is becoming more and more complicated, which seriously affects urban traffic and hinders social and economic development.


First, the current urban parking mainly has the following problems


(1) It is difficult to park, it is difficult to park, and the parking space resources are not well utilized, resulting in waste;

(2) Management confusion, arbitrary charges, and prone to disputes;

(3) Arbitrarily occupying the road and causing traffic congestion.


Second, Shuncom LoRa intelligent parking Internet of Things solution

LoRa-based smart parking solution 

Shuncom based LoRa geomagnetic intelligent parking scheme uses the magnetic sense parking position detector to detect the parking space usage in real time, and transmits the parking space information data to the server through wireless technology. The information dissemination electronic screen is the main information carrier, and the real-time query platform of the mobile phone APP is used to provide the driver with real-time data such as parking space, guide the driver to park reasonably, provide data for analysis, and assist the management department to make intelligent transportation system decision. .


Third, the application scenario

LoRa-based smart parking solution 

Fourth, Shuncom LoRa intelligent geomagnetic induction parking system

 LoRa-based smart parking solution

LoRa intelligent geomagnetism

LoRa-based smart parking solution 

"Smart Box" intelligent gateway

 LoRa-based smart parking solution

CCIoT Smart City Management Platform


 Five, Shuncom LoRa geomagnetic detector has the following significant advantages


1. High accuracy, the detection accuracy of the detector can reach more than 99%;

2, easy to install, use a punch machine to make a hole, buried, the damage to the parking space is small;

3. The networking is simple, the fully enclosed, self-contained power supply and high integration of the geomagnetic detector greatly improve the anti-interference and service life of the equipment;

4. The maintenance is convenient. When the local magnetic system is faulty or faulty, the front-end system can send an alarm signal to the platform to notify the maintenance personnel. After the geomagnetic system is repaired, the front-end system can automatically return to the normal working state;

5, strong stability, geomagnetic detector is not affected by external electromagnetic waves, thunderstorm days can also be used normally, using ultrasonic welding, waterproof, moisture, pressure.