Smart city solution
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Shuncom launched the smart city management system to carry out unified large-platform management of urban public lighting, smart security, smart meter reading, intelligent alarm, smart environment, smart travel, green charging equipment, and all the equipment of the city through one platform. Network monitoring, data sharing, energy consumption monitoring management.


Intelligent security: Intelligent security systems can be simply understood as: technical systems for the transmission and storage of images, the storage and processing of data, and the selective and selective operation;


Intelligent meter reading: The remote meter reading system mainly completes three tasks: electrical metering or information collection, information remote transmission, background software processing and analysis;


Intelligent alarm: The alarm system adopts advanced intelligent control network technology and is controlled by microcomputer to realize automatic alarm for accidents such as public opinion, theft, robbery, etc.


Smart environment: implement green city planning, use network and remote monitoring technology to comprehensively grasp and analyze the distribution of public space, grassland and green belt to promote greening and improve environmental sustainability;


Smart travel: Improve urban transport efficiency and service quality, monitor traffic facilities and conduct data analysis through video and remote detection technology, and manage and handle emergency situations for traffic, people and logistics in real time;


Smart devices: NB-IOT as the core network for communication, intelligent management of infrastructure equipment throughout the city, such as street lighting, manhole cover, environmental sensors, and pipeline facilities.