Underground parking lighting solution
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First, the status quo of underground parking lot lighting


First, at present, many buildings have underground parking lots. Because these parking lots are large in size and poor in light, vehicles often enter and exit. It is difficult to achieve automatic control of the interior lighting of the parking lot, and a large amount of lighting equipment is required for long-term lighting. At present, most of the underground garages and parking lots use high-energy light sources such as T8 fluorescent lamps, which not only cause huge energy waste, but also cause extremely strong light pollution, which also imposes a great economic burden on property management.



Second, there are very few voice control lamps and infrared control lamps at this stage. However, the application of this control is extremely small, and it is not systematic, has not formed scale, and the technology content is not high, and the development prospect is not very good.


Second, the underground parking lot intelligent lighting control system solution


Shuncom underground parking lot smart lighting solution, mainly applied Zigbee wireless technology, to achieve the function of single-lamp dimming management. Through the wireless network of Zigbee and GPRS, the system automatically obtains various parameter states of LED lamps on the user computer to realize automatic inspection, and can judge the fault condition, aging degree and lighting condition of the LED lamps.


Third, the underground parking lot intelligent lighting control system framework


1. Management Center System


The management center system is the core of the system function, including data analysis, summary, storage, and release of control commands. It also has inspection, equipment management, operation and maintenance management, and related operational reporting functions.


The management center consists of a hardware communication server, a database server, a cloud platform, and related network devices.


(1) Communication server

The communication server directly receives the information uploaded from the network manager, and performs data analysis, data buffering, alarm processing, etc., and writes the data to the data server as required. When the workstation needs data, the server sends the command to the network manager, and the network manager provides real-time data; when the workstation needs to execute the operation command, the server sends the command to the network manager for execution, and the server is also responsible for giving priority to the alarm data. Send to workstations and handheld devices.

(2) database server

The data server is compatible with database software such as MYSQL, Oracle, SQL, Server, SYbase, etc., and stores and manages running information such as device information, energy consumption information, system settings, alarm logs, operation logs, and operating history data of the system.

(3) Cloud platform

On the cloud platform, operators can perform real-time data monitoring, real-time alarm processing, control command transmission, historical data query, and report printing.


2, Zigbee self-organizing network system


The Zigbee ad hoc network system includes lighting fixtures, centralized control managers and smart single-light controllers.


(1) Centralized Control Manager

    The main functions are: receiving and transmitting all luminaire signals, data records, alarm processing, etc. in the Zigbee ad hoc network. It is responsible for monitoring the operation of the lighting manager in the self-organizing network, issuing the commands of the system center to the lighting manager, and feeding the lighting manager and line information to the management center system. The network manager is in the middle of the system manager and the lighting manager in the self-organizing network, and communicates with the system center through GPRS/CDMA, TCP/IP, RS232, etc., and down through the Zigbee communication protocol, in each lighting manager. Communicate.

(2) Smart single light controller

The main functions are: control of lamp switch, brightness adjustment, voltage, current and power acquisition. The luminaire monitor is divided into modular (with built-in luminaire) and external (with built-in light pole), which can meet the needs of lighting companies and engineering companies.


Fourth, the advantages of the wireless IoT technology control system in the underground parking lot


       (1) It has the advantage of high energy saving while greatly reducing light pollution;

       (2) Management modernization and easy control;

       (3) Saving management and maintenance costs;

       (4) A large amount of energy conservation;

     (5) Applying the wireless IoT technology lighting control system in the underground parking lot can produce better economic and social benefits;

    (6) Wireless parking lot wireless technology control system for underground parking lot, in addition to the long life span of general LED tube, high luminous efficiency, short start-up time, high color rendering index, low working temperature, environmentally friendly materials, etc. There are more prominent features;

       (7) Humanized lighting, warm and safe


The wireless IoT technology lighting control system of the underground parking lot can automatically sense the moving cars and people. When the system captures the signal of the underground parking lot, it automatically switches to the bright working lighting, and the lights that are brightened one by one can form a scene. Warmly guide the car to the corresponding parking space.