Tunnel intelligent lighting solution
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The tunnel has the advantages of shortening highway mileage, improving transportation efficiency, using underground space to save land and maintaining ecological environment. More and more highway tunnels, urban underground passages, river crossing tunnels, lake tunnels and other forms of tunnels are put into operation. and use. Tunnel lighting is different from general road lighting requirements. Tunnels also need lighting during the daytime, and the problem is more complicated than nighttime. The lighting system is one of the most important facilities in the tunnel electrical and mechanical engineering, and it is also the basic guarantee for the safe passage of vehicles in the tunnel, and reasonable. The lighting control strategy and the lighting adjustment control system according to this strategy are important factors to ensure the safety, reliability and energy saving of the lighting system.


Most of the existing intelligent control of tunnel lighting adopts the timing control method, which mainly achieves the purpose of increasing or decreasing the number of working lamps by reversing different lighting circuits. Although this control method is simple and reliable, it does not fully consider the influence of environmental factors on tunnel lighting, such as weather conditions, tunnel ventilation conditions, traffic volume and vehicle speed control requirements, etc., which cannot fully meet the tunnel lighting requirements and can High consumption. With the rapid development of semiconductor lighting technology, LED lighting lamps with high efficiency and energy saving have been increasingly used in tunnel lighting systems. Compared with traditional lamps, LED lighting has the advantages of low power consumption, high reliability and long life. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving green lighting source. Shuncom will propose the realization and application of LED tunnel lighting intelligent control system from the perspective of perfect control strategy, comprehensively analyze the requirements and characteristics of tunnel lighting, and provide a complete solution for high-power LED tunnel lighting intelligent control system.


In view of the high energy consumption of tunnel lighting schemes in the past, it is a good choice to use stepless dimming. This stepless dimming method is based on LED light source. It can make the brightness of the lamp arbitrarily adjusted according to the needs, how much brightness is needed in the tunnel, how much brightness the lighting fixture provides, avoiding excessive illumination under the premise of meeting the specifications, and maximizing energy saving.


First, the system structure


The wireless control network consists of a GPRS network and a ZigBee network. The components of the wireless intelligent street light control system are as follows:


A, street light controller (SZ10 series)


Under the premise of limited routing depth and network capacity, it not only has the functions of the street light controller, but also has the relay routing function.


Tunnel intelligent lighting solution 


The main functions are: control street light switch, brightness adjustment, current acquisition, voltage acquisition, calculation power and power factor. The single-lamp controller is divided into modular (with built-in luminaire) and external (with built-in light pole), which meet the needs of street lighting companies and engineering companies. According to the project requirements, our SZ10 series single lamp controller can reserve interface to realize human body induction control lamp, illuminance control lamp, rain and snow volume acquisition control lamp, temperature and humidity acquisition control lamp and so on.


B, centralized manager (ZigBee coordinator + GPRS data transmission terminal)

Tunnel intelligent lighting solution 

The main functions are:


(1) Receiving and transmitting all street lamp control signals, data records, alarm processing, etc. in the subnet. It is responsible for controlling the operation of the street light controller in the subnet, issuing the command of the system center to the street light controller, and feeding the street light controller and line information to the system center. The centralized controller is in the middle of the system center and the street light controller, and communicates with the system center through the GPRS mode upwards, and communicates with the various street lamp controllers through the ZigBee communication protocol.


(2) It can realize the data collection of three-phase electric or single-phase electric current (three-way) voltage (three-way), active power, reactive power, power factor and temperature; and has four-way loop switch control.


(3) The timing policy delivered by the receiving server is stored locally, and the data to be queried by the server is reported; local or remote query and configuration can be implemented; policy query and modification can be implemented at the same time; manual real-time control commands and query commands can also be performed. .


C, system center (computer system + software monitoring platform)

Tunnel intelligent lighting solution 

The system center mainly realizes remote data access and control of the street lamp controller under different (centralized manager) through the system control software, including parameter configuration, control command transmission, and field lamp state collection. It can display the status information of the street light switch, remotely control the switch of the street light and adjust the brightness of the street light, which can realize the operation of timing scheduling event, reading data record, monitoring event and alarm response.


Software system main interface


D, the overall framework of the single lamp control system

 Tunnel intelligent lighting solution

 Second, the control method


After adopting Shanghai Shuncom tunnel light control system, the control mode combining basic lighting and enhanced lighting can be realized. Switching, dimming and inspection control can be realized in one system, and stepless dimming can be realized according to different environmental requirements. The transformation has achieved the functions of convenient management and energy saving. Considering the need to ensure the comfort and brightness requirements of the tunnel, and to fully save energy and reduce operating costs, tunnel lighting uses automatic lighting control, local control and remote control. According to the brightness of the environment outside the cave and the change of traffic volume, the illuminance in the cave is controlled according to the standard of daytime (clear), evening (cloudy), rainy day, heavy yin, night, and night. In the sunny day, the basic lighting and the reinforced lighting are all turned on. In the evening or cloudy weather, the illuminating lights are halved. In the rainy days, the illuminating lights are turned on 1/4, the heavy illuminating lights are turned on 1/8, and the nighttime illuminating lights are all turned off. Basic lighting fixtures can be dimmed by 50% when traffic is small in the middle of the night. The automatic lighting control is responsible for the equipment monitoring system. The Shuncom LED lighting dimming system reserves an open standard communication interface, which can be connected to various sensors. The external brightness monitoring device transmits the detected brightness signal outside the tunnel hole to the control device, and then converts the 0~10V DC analog signal to control the output power of the LED lamp, thereby achieving the purpose of controlling the brightness of the illuminated place.


1, basic lighting control


The basic lighting in the tunnel is characterized by long working hours and requires 24 hours of continuous lighting. According to this feature, sufficient redundancy is considered in designing the basic illumination brightness. But when in use, we don't need to use all of the design redundancy, that is, full power; rather, how much power is needed to provide much power. In the next few years, when the luminaire has a certain light decay, the output power of the luminaire can be increased correspondingly by the control system, so that the basic illumination intensity in the tunnel can always meet the specification requirements without excessive illumination.


2, strengthen lighting control


The time during which the tunnel reinforced lighting fixtures are turned on and off at night and the brightness adjustment after the lamps are turned on are controlled by the zigbee single lamp control system unit. The control system calculates the output power of the lamps in the hole according to the detected brightness data outside the hole. This automatic tracking of the brightness outside the hole, adjusting the brightness of the hole in the lighting, effectively avoiding excessive lighting, achieving the goal of on-demand lighting, maximizing energy savings.


3. Emergency lighting control


The emergency lighting fixtures of the tunnel also serve as basic lighting fixtures, all powered by EPS power. When the utility power is cut off, the control device instantaneously controls the power of the basic lighting fixture to about 15% of the rated power. This makes the system's light distribution characteristics of emergency lighting the same as the original basic lighting in the case of mains power failure, and avoids traffic accidents to the utmost extent.


Third, the superiority of LED dimming control


After the tunnel uses LED illumination, the zigbee intelligent control system, energy saving is only one aspect of its superiority. Due to energy saving, its operating temperature is at a low level for most of the time. The reduction in operating temperature will lead to other benefits:


(1) Stepless brightness control, which is 40% more energy efficient than similar lamps controlled by grading, and 70% to 90% more energy efficient than sodium lamp lighting.

(2) Due to the noon of summer in the year, the lighting fixtures are close to full power, most of the time working at 10% to 60% of the power; and the design redundancy of the basic lighting is reserved for long-term reuse. The recent operating power is also lower than the rated power of the luminaire. This allows the long-term operating temperature of the luminaire and power supply to be very low, which not only greatly reduces the light decay of the LED, but also extends the life of the LED and power supply.

(3) The power can be halved synchronously in the middle of the night, and the light distribution characteristics of the lamps remain unchanged, avoiding the zebra effect that jeopardizes the safety of driving by the single-side turning off.

(4) The system design is simple, only two circuits are required, namely a basic lighting circuit and an enhanced lighting circuit. Basic lighting and emergency lighting; when the mains power is cut off, the power of all basic lighting is reduced to 10% of the rated power, thus ensuring uniformity of illumination.

(5) When the tunnel does not reach the designed vehicle flow, the illumination intensity in the cave can be reduced according to the specification. The reduction can be arbitrarily set according to the requirements to ensure maximum energy saving and avoiding the requirements. Excessive lighting makes the system truly realize the design concept of on-demand lighting that designers are pursuing.

(6) Compared with the graded dimming system, the system can save a considerable amount of cables, control boxes and corresponding electrical costs.