Smart light pole solution
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Smart city is a big system and big data sharing model. It uses smart city home system as the framework foundation of the Internet of Things. It uses a new generation of information technology to let urban municipal public utilities manage and operate in a large system. It is a more advanced stage of urban evolution. .


As a public infrastructure for the city, streetlights have undergone a series of changes from manual control switches to automatic time control, from a single lighting function to a multi-functional smart street light pole. Today, the smart street light pole is slowly coming to the public's field of vision.


Smart light pole solution 


The smart street light pole is a kind of smart street light product integrating various information equipment technology innovation composite applications. The whole smart light pole includes street lighting control system, WIFI antenna base station, video monitoring management, advertising screen broadcast control system, real-time monitoring of urban environment, Applications such as emergency call systems, water level monitoring, charging pile systems and manhole cover monitoring systems.


First, the intelligent street light control system


Smart light pole solution 

By using various Internet of Things and IT technologies such as wireless ZigBee, WiFi, GPRS, etc., the system realizes the remote single lamp lighting, dimming, detection and other control functions of the smart light poles, which facilitates the daily inspection and maintenance management of urban street lamps. Networked, refined, standardized, and daily management.


Second, the WiFi base station module


The use of carrier fiber networks is more stable than wireless 4G, and 4G micro base stations can be used in areas where fiber is not deployed. The 5.8G signal is used to make Mesh between the poles, and the downlink 2.4G frequency band is provided as the AP for Internet access.


Third, charging pile module


In conjunction with the government's layout to promote new energy vehicles, charging piles assembled on intelligent streetlight poles at stations, residential areas, etc. are cost-effective solutions that do not require repeated line construction and do not occupy urban construction land. The charging pile is connected to the network management center, and various application applications developed by the charging pile manufacturer or the third-party software company can realize online functions including GSI charging pile position inquiry, reservation charging, charging reminding, and online payment; the owner is waiting for charging. At the same time, you can watch local videos, music, and news, and easily charge your time.


Fourth, the environmental monitoring system


Environmentally relevant monitoring of gas, rain, snow, fog, temperature, humidity, etc. is achieved by integrating various environmental monitoring sensors on the smart light pole.


Five, other modulesomitted