SZ10-R1A-M street light controller

SZ10-R1A-M street light controller

Product Description

        SZ10-R1A-M street light controller

SZ10-R1A-M street light controller

First, product introduction

SZ10-R1A-M street light controller is a new type of controller developed by Shunzhou Intelligent to meet the market demand. It is an important part of the street light control system. Its core chip adopts the self-developed ZigBee wireless communication module, with professional hardware and The software design makes the product have powerful functions, small size, easy implementation, no wiring, reliable work, easy maintenance, etc. It is a high-performance street lamp energy-saving product specially developed for intelligent street lighting.

The SZ10-R1A-M controller complies with the IEEE802.15.4 protocol of the ZigBee communication standard. It has the advantages of long communication distance, strong anti-interference ability, flexible networking, etc. It can realize point-to-multipoint and multi-point-to-multipoint devices. Inter-data transmission can form a mesh network structure such as a star network or a mesh network.

The SZ10-R1A-M street light controller contains current and voltage metering circuit. It can collect the load working condition of the street lamp controller in real time, greatly reduce the work pressure of the street lamp management department, improve work efficiency, and significantly improve the social energy saving efficiency.

Second, product performance

Safety based overload protection design;

With current, voltage, power, frequency, temperature detection and other functions;

1-way switch and 0~10V or PWM dimming signal output function;

With overcurrent protection, lamp status detection, default lighting and other functions;

Easy to install, it can respond to commands sent by the center in a few seconds;

It is suitable for switching and dimming of LED lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps and other lamps.

Third, the product parameters

Input power

AC90~305V 50/60Hz

Output rated current

2A Max

Output power

AC 90~305V 50/60Hz

Radio frequency


Communications network

Zigbee networking

Dimming control type


Wireless frequency

2.4G ISM Global Free Band

Product output

Single phase alternating current

Wireless channel


Data collection


Single network capacity

65535 nodes

Antenna band


Transmission distance

400 M

Antenna gain




Antenna standing wave


Protection level


Antenna type