Dynamic environment monitoenvironment IoT solution
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First, the dynamic
environment monitoenvironment needs background


With the development of technology and enterprise information, the number and scale of computer room construction, communication base stations and power distribution rooms continue to expand. As a hub for information exchange and storage in various units, scientific management is particularly important.

In the past, users focused on computer room management in anti-hacking or illegal intrusion, computer viruses, network failures, data backup, etc., often overlooking the environmental changes in the equipment room, which may cause unforeseen consequences, such as the temperature and humidity of the equipment room. High, unstable power system, imperfect security measures in the computer room, resulting in non-core workers enteenvironment and leaving the machine room, causing hidden dangers and malfunctions caused by machine room accidents, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.

After many years of experience in the application of the Internet of Things industry, Shuncom can provide a complete set of IoT hardware solutions for the computer room, communication base station, power distribution room, etc., including: air conditioning, UPS, Battery monitoenvironment, power detection, temperature and humidity monitoenvironment, smoke, lighting control, infrared, water leakage detection, access control, closed-circuit monitoenvironment, fire monitoenvironment, etc., with Shuncom cluster IoT gateway, and upload data to the platform to form a total solution .


 Dynamic environment monitoenvironment IoT solution

Second, the dynamic environment monitoenvironment Internet of Things


 Dynamic environment monitoenvironment IoT solution

Third, equipment and function realization


1. Power monitoenvironment equipment


(1) Smart meter

By installing a smart meter, it can monitor the voltage and current of the monitoenvironment room, and also collect the total power of the base station and the power consumption of the related equipment;

(2) UPS monitoenvironment

The UPS equipment is fully monitored to monitor the operating status of the rectifier, inverter, battery, bypass, load and other components inside the UPS in real time. When a component fails, the system can automatically alarm.

(3) Battery monitoenvironment

The battery monitoenvironment system can be used to monitor the total battery voltage, total current, cell voltage of each battery, surface temperature, capacity, and so on. The measurement accuracy meets the monitoenvironment requirements of the equipment room. In addition, through the single cell voltage collected by the single cell tester, the discharge curve of each cell is obtained, and the state of each cell is analyzed.

(4) Oil machine monitoenvironment

The intelligent oil machine wirelessly monitors the host through the RS232 serial port. Generally support AC output three-phase voltage / current, output frequency, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, output power, fuel level, start battery voltage, shutdown / running status, automatic / manual status, start failure alarm, emergency stop, etc. .


2. Environmental monitoenvironment equipment


(1) Wireless temperature and humidity

Real-time detection of the temperature and humidity of the equipment room, you can set the alarm threshold. When the temperature and humidity of the equipment room exceeds the threshold, the system can automatically alarm and provide the monitoenvironment report of the temperature and humidity of the equipment room, so that the management can fully grasp the temperature and humidity of the equipment room. The change status, timely adjust the air conditioning settings of the computer room or equipment deployment.

(2) Wireless lighting controller

Remote control, monitoenvironment and alarming of the room through the lighting controller;

(3) Wireless smoke monitoenvironment

Install a wireless smoke sensor in each area of the equipment room to collect and upload the fire to the center.

(4) Wireless flooding monitoenvironment

The water immersion sensor is installed in the cable trench area of the equipment room or the water-accessible part (such as the window of the equipment room). Once the system is found to have flooding conditions, the system can automatically upload alarms to monitor the water leakage.

(5) Wireless infrared monitoenvironment

The infrared sensor is installed in each area of the equipment room. When the system detects the intrusion of foreign objects, it can automatically upload alarms to increase the security of the equipment room.

(6) Air conditioning monitoenvironment

Comprehensive monitoenvironment of the air conditioner, infrared control operating status, including return air temperature, supply air temperature, air conditioning mode, power on/off status, call self-starting, etc.

(7) New fan

The operating state of the switch machine and the shutdown control of the switch machine;

3, security equipment

(1) Intelligent access control

Smart door locks can be turned on and off by fingerprint, password, face recognition, etc., and can also be temporarily authorized by remote;

(2) Video surveillance

Real-time monitoenvironment of the site and linkage with field devices.