Wisdom manhole cover solution
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com CCIOT Smart City Integrated Management Platform City Manhole Cover Monitoring Wisdom Municipal IoT Systemuses reliable quality, high stability, waterproof and dustproof design of the switch intelligent wireless manhole cover sensor or tilt wireless intelligent manhole cover sensor, using NB-IOT or LORA wireless The sensor network communication protocol reports the well cover alarm equipment to the cloud platform, and realizes the real-time monitoring and management of the city manhole cover through the Shuncom CCIOT Smart City Integrated Management Platform. The system can stably and reliably monitor the status of the city manhole cover (abnormal opening, maintenance management, abnormal closing), including the power level of the alarm device and the strength of the signal, etc., and can notify the SMS or email in time after the abnormal condition of the manhole cover occurs. The management department obtains the alarm information and handles it in time to prevent accidents such as equipment loss, damage or personal injury. The system is suitable for the management of various underground pipe network facilities in the municipal, communications, thermal, water, power and other industry sectors.

 Wisdom manhole cover solution

I. Manhole detector


The solution can quickly realize the deployment of the city manhole coverintelligent real-time cloud monitoring IoT system through the wireless cloud sensor network networking, without the need of wiring, greatly shortening the construction time of the real-time monitoring system and reducing The implementation cost of the system. In addition, the system is also highly scalable, allowing you to increase network monitoring points at any time.


The biggest competitive advantage of the project is that the cost of the whole solution is low (50% of the traditional solution), the construction period is short (implementation is simple and fast), and the function is strong (management function is comprehensive and scalability is strong). The program was selected by the China Smart City Industry Alliance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the first batch of outstanding solutions for smart cities nationwide.



Second, the city manhole cover cloud monitoring Internet of Things system function:


(1) Manhole cover asset management: manage the basic information of the manhole cover, including the manhole cover number, latitude and longitude, and the road where it is located. The intelligent manhole cover wireless sensor is uniquely coded by the international standardized OID coding method, and the RFID electronic tag is used as the identification of the manhole cover. The internal ID number is unique, and the property cover unit and contact person of the manhole cover are recorded according to different regions and roads. , telephone and other information to facilitate the collection and processing of information by the management department. Because RFID tags cannot be copied, it is possible to take a timely check of the manhole cover and check the manhole cover information to quickly grasp the state of the manhole cover.

(2) Real-time positioning monitoring: real-time monitoring of various status information of municipal manhole covers. By combining the system's intuitive municipal plan, real-time view of the position and basic attribute information of the manhole cover in the area under its jurisdiction, and the anti-theft of the manhole cover in each jurisdiction Conduct unified command and dispatch, police and engineering maintenance. The status of the manhole cover is monitored in real time. The basic conditions of the manhole cover include: normal, abnormal, low power, maintenance and closing abnormalities. Geographical map display is realized by GIS geographic information technology: the position of the manhole cover, basic information, real-time status, etc. are displayed on the electronic map, and the position of the manhole cover, basic information, real-time status, historical status record and the like can also be displayed in text form.

(3) Anti-theft supervision: Anti-theft supervision of abnormal conditions of municipal manhole covers according to pre-set alarm rules. The intelligent manhole cover wireless sensor installed in the municipal manhole cover is in a dormant state when the manhole cover is in a normal state. When the manhole cover is abnormally opened, an alarm signal is immediately sent to notify the relevant responsible department to take measures. The system supports SMS or email reminder: when the manhole cover is abnormal or low, you can send a text message or email to notify the person on duty.

(4) Alarm linkage: After the alarm information is generated and alarmed to the alarm center, the alarm information will be sent to the client of the relevant responsible person and the manager's mobile phone.

(5) Authentication setting: When the engineering personnel need to maintain the manhole cover and the line, the control center can solve the problem by judging the legality, or the authorized engineering personnel can hold the terminal equipment or the supervision center to match and defend. Flexible installation of manhole cover repair time.

(6) Data analysis: Through deep mining of a large amount of data in the system, reorganizing, summarizing and comparing various data from different angles, different dimensions and different needs, and excavating is more conducive to improving the level and efficiency of municipal management. Valuable data.

(7) Expansion areas: street lamp management, equipment box management, outdoor billboard management, municipal sculpture management, municipal asset management, municipal vehicle supervision, and municipal personnel supervision.